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Why Do You Need Hi-Vis Workwear Apr 28, 2018

ABSTRACT This paper investigates whether the finding of fluorescent fibers, typical of those seen in Hi-Vis work-wear, have any evidential significance. This investigation was performed by combining a color block study (examining a number of samples of Hi-Vis work-wear and assessing the extent to which they can be discriminated from each other), a population study (examining tapings taken from the general public to assess the extent to which Hi-Vis fibers are present on a person clothing at random) and a target fiber study (examining tapings taken from the general public to assess whether there are any fibers present that are microscopically and chemically indistinguishable from an individual sample of Hi-Vis clothing). Two case studies are also presented involving the examination of Hi-Vis fibers. The study shows that whilst it is possible to discriminate between garments constructed from Hi-Vis fabrics, there were instances where significant numbers of samples were found to be indistinguishable from each other. On that basis the authors recommend caution in the interpretation of findings involving Hi-Vis work-wear.

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