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How To Choose Electrician's Overalls? Oct 14, 2017

1. Electrical overalls should pay attention to the selection of good materials. Material selection is mainly in the fabric, fabric suggested polyester flat, polyester-cotton thick yarn card, anti-static yarn card, of course, from the security analysis, Anti-Static card is the most recommended.

2. Style design to facilitate the work. Although the current overalls require aesthetic, but not in the design of the time to beauty, suitable and convenient work is the most important. Electrical design must be loose, cuff matters, so that will not affect the work.

3. Color selection. Color suggest choose dark blue and so on, this color looks more comfortable, and more resistant to dirty, very suitable for electrician staff.

4. Attention to detail. Electrical overalls in the design and do, the details are very important, especially buttons, zippers and other places, we must pay attention to.