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The difference between pure cotton overalls and polyester-cotton overalls Oct 14, 2017

Visual method. Pure cotton fabric luster natural, dark mute;

Hand touch. Pure cotton fabric soft, thick, feel slightly astringent, but very hearty, polyester-cotton fabric touch slippery, thickness is not as pure cotton fabric.

Combustion method. Pure cotton fabric flammable, flame after burning, flame is not easy to extinguish, a gray-white smoke, a smell of wood burning, too far on the edge into Brown black, after burning no particulate matter and ashes; polyester-cotton fabric is non-flammable, no open flame when burning, blue smoke, the side of the burning side drops like white wax oil-like things, there is a pungent taste, The edge of the burning will tangle together, over the edge of the black, a little farther from the place for white, into a plastic block, very strong, hand pinch.

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