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Precautions for wearing antistatic clothing Oct 14, 2017

To prevent discharge, it is forbidden to attach some metal objects to the antistatic clothing. Any small metal objects can not wear metal objects, in addition, we need to carry tools, should include anti-static, anti-hair function of some products, metal tools should be placed in anti-static work clothes, to prevent metal leakage, There is also the use of life is also very important, anti-static overalls broken seam breaking off the conductive fiber in the case of the timely replacement and scrap, if you have reached the time of anti-static rating to be timely, the use of 10th is probably a year, or more than half a year, in addition to the Uniform sample inspection, After detection of the loss of anti-static protection function, now the product should be the whole batch of timely scrap, check whether this product is used qualified.