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Classification of fire-fighting overalls Oct 14, 2017

Fire Protection Overalls 7 categories, seven sets of fire-retardant fire-fighting clothing, including firefighting services, rescue services, fire prevention and control, flame-retardant clothing, fire prevention clothing, fire protection, heat insulation clothing, fire prevention clothing.

Each set of functions is completely different, in the process of the police officers and soldiers will be based on different types of danger, the choice of functional combat clothing to implement the rescue. such as silver-white "fire-insulated clothing", mainly used to save radiation heat of the strong oil fires, can be isolated up to 800 ℃ high temperature, and the military green "fire escape clothing", mainly to isolate flames, conducive to the team in a short period of time into the flame burning area for rescue, in addition, for the prevention of All kinds of combat clothing worn during the insulation and removal of the honeycomb.